days in a row

I had almost missed the show

I have many ways to go

I am bouncing to and fro

night‘s closing down

I am sleeping with a frown

on the land I seem to drown

I am a king, where is my crown?

what, what would you bring about?

is it poison, is it beauty,

is it pain?

what, what would you bring about?

so I rearrange my mind

sorting sense of an ancient kind

would it be helpful to be blind

to detect the language

of the rain

did you get it right

or did I get you wrong?

who sold my intimacy

and who betrayed my song?

who was in my heart

when love was close at hand

when nothing was the matter

and matter had an end?

what is on the shelf

within the pages of our friends

within the perfume of the past

within the letters noone sends

what‘s between the sheets

when all the talk has ceased to sighs

when all the clouds have heard their names

when all the birds have told their lies

please play me your song

because I have to get along

sometimes desire is too strong

I‘m so afraid you‘d get me wrong

please sigh me a sigh

because the waves are running high

within the sins I do deny

among the mercy going by